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Our solution is clean, sustainable and highly scalable

Our solution is clean, sustainable and highly scalable, without restrictions on geographic limits, climate and topology conditions, and can be applied globally through our technological platform.

We are contributing to the revolution in different business segments through the use of technology, basing our actions on values such as respect, honesty, transparency, ethics and collaboration.

We believe in generating innovative and highly sustainable solutions through the application of knowledge, scientific research and development as a way to improve the general conditions of our planet.

We believe in solidarity as the basis for an evolved and fair society and together we will collaborate to transform corporate and social relations. 

We are Effatha Technology, on the frequency of the future.

NatSciTech is a company that works with natural science technology allowing solutions beyond the ordinary in favor of life and the environment.  We are a genuinely Brazilian company with unique and exclusive technology.

Our main objective is to drive the transformation of different industries, from Agriculture to Human Health, from Petro to Chemicals, among others, into greener and more sustainable companies with a neutral Carbon footprint, leaving to the next generations not only a better world to live in, but also a technological platform for new standards of products and services that will support future businesses, through technology most disruptive, innovative and green ever discovered!! Using nature in favor of human well-being and the Environment! Back to our origins and essence!

We are the first NatSciTech in the world

Areas of expertise

To be a reference for the transformation of the current global economy into a green economy, socially responsible and non-aggressive towards the environment and human beings, strengthening the performance of companies from a financial, ESG and image point of view in the consumer market.



Boost the transformation process of different industries towards "verdification" and consolidation of the sustainability of their processes and products, in the short term, through the use of EFFATHA technology, reducing the use of natural resources and the impact on the environment and human beings .




Transparency    Respect





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